Monday, August 2, 2010

Karen Handel Campaign Update

The excitement continues each day! Our campaign is gaining momentum faster than I could have ever imagined and I am pleased and honored with the response we are getting all over the state. I am traveling all over Georgia talking to voters about our campaign and my vision for our future.

We started running our new television ad Thursday and once again, the response has been great. But as you know, in order to continue getting our message out and keep these ads running, we must have the financial resources. We have had a tremendous week raising money but in campaigns, unfortunately, there is never enough!!

Will you please make a contribution to our Runoff campaign now?

Your contribution will go directly into our media account and directly onto television. We are over half way through this Runoff campaign and your financial help is needed now more than ever. Please make an urgent contribution today to help us fund our media campaign and let the voters of Georgia know that I am the ethical, conservative leader that we need as our nominee.

Because of the nature of a Runoff, we will begin spending money quickly from now until August 10 election day and all because of the important television campaign. However, we can only spend it if we raise it!!

Also, we have a disclosure deadline on August 4 so in order to show the largest amount possible raised, I need your contribution today!

I am proud of our campaign and how much we have increased our base of support since the Primary. I am also proud of our conservative and honest message and of our incredible statewide organization. I am grateful to have earned your support and I would be honored to be your Republican nominee for Governor!

Please help us get there with your contribution now and your vote on August 10!

Thanks so much!



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