Friday, August 6, 2010

Positive Policy: Maria Sheffield for Healthcare Providers

By Maria Sheffield, on Aug 6, 2010

Georgia is blessed with healthcare providers willing to serve their communities. I want them to do what they do best - make sick people better and save lives.

I will work to make sure Georgia healthcare providers receive fair rate negotiations, prompt payment of claims and Georgia moves towards modern electronic systems to facilitate insurance transactions.

In many ways, Georgia's healthcare providers are often victims of the insurance process. Healthcare providers spend more time dealing with insurance related paperwork and regulations, fighting to get authorization for procedures and payment for legitimate claims. We must create a more efficient system.

I am a strong supporter of tort reform and will use the powers and influence of the office of Insurance Commissioner to support passage of additional doctor-friendly tort reform in Georgia.

I am very much committed to the Rural Georgia Healthcare Initiative. I understand the majority of Georgians live outside of metro Atlanta and access to healthcare is vital in an emergency. I will work to expand this privately funded program to more rural areas of Georgia which will allow Georgia residents to utilize medical care usually found only in Georgia’s largest metropolitan areas.

Georgia’s healthcare providers deserve a Commissioner of Insurance who will work with them to remove unnecessary and outdated paperwork requirements and regulations.


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