Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Deal: Grant empowers Georgians

Nominee vows to review program often to assure changes beat status quo
After today's announcement that Georgia has won a Race to the Top grant, Republican nominee for governor Nathan Deal reiterated that he would continue Gov. Sonny Perdue's implementation of the program as governor in close consultation with our state's educators - and conduct periodic reviews to assure that the program is meeting its goals on behalf of Georgia's children.

"As governor, I will convene teachers, parents, elected officials and education leaders from the 26 school districts involved to assure that Race to the Top funds are implemented effectively, so that we capitalize on our successes and implement them elsewhere in Georgia," Deal said. "Today's award is a victory for Georgia; I applaud the leadership of Gov. Sonny Perdue and all of the leaders who worked so diligently on this project.

"This $400 million will come to our state over a four-year period. The next governor will oversee the program for the majority of its duration. Race to the Top will allow Georgians to craft an educational plan that best fits our state. It let's our educators innovate and create incentives for excellence - incentives for schools, teachers and students to restore the magic to education. Our state has a fundamental duty to prepare our children to be college, work and life ready in a global economy. We achieve that goal only by constantly striving to surpass the status quo. That's exactly what Race to the Top seeks to achieve. I will work with all stakeholders in education to conduct reviews of this program so that it achieves its original goals and remains an autonomous function of the state of Georgia without federal strings attached.

"The public servants who brought this award to Georgia deserve to take a bow - and then get back to work on a brighter future for Georgia's children."

Monday, August 23, 2010

MAG, Others Sponsoring Free Public Forum for all Three Gubernatorial Candidates

Cobb Energy Centre, Saturday August 28

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is sponsoring a free public forum that will feature Georgia’s gubernatorial candidates – Democrat Roy Barnes, Republican Nathan Deal, and Libertarian John Monds – from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 28 at the Cobb Energy Centre in Atlanta.

“This is going to be a great opportunity to hear the candidates address the most important and challenging issues we face as a state in a very intimate way,” says MAG President Gary C. Richter, M.D., who will serve as the event’s host. “We are genuinely excited – and we are encouraging the general public to attend.”

The media panel will feature some of Atlanta’s leading journalists, including John Bachman with WSB-TV (ABC), Wendy Saltzman with WGCL-TV (CBS), and Kyle Wingfield with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Wingfield will serve as the program moderator.

WXIA will “stream” the entire event live at

As a program note, the Lt. Governor’s portion of the program has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

Parking at the Cobb Energy Centre costs $5.

Along with MAG, the Governor Candidates’ Forum is being sponsored by the Georgia Drug Card, the Georgia Chapter of the American College of Cardiology, the Georgia College of Emergency Physicians, the Georgia Neurological Society, the Georgia Orthopaedic Society, the Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association, the Georgia Society of Dermatologists, and the Georgia Society of Ophthalmology.

With more than 6,000 members, MAG is the leading voice for physicians in Georgia. Monitor for the latest information.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Secretary of State Brian Kemp Certifies General Primary Run-off Election Results

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp today certified the results for the August 10, 2010 General Primary Run-off Elections. The certified results of state and federal races can be found on the Secretary of State’s website:

In certifying the results, Secretary of State Kemp affirmed that all counties have provided to the state the total votes tabulated for each candidate. Further, Secretary of State Kemp affirms that the returns are a true and correct tabulation of the certified returns received by this office from each county.

Additionally, with the certification, the time period for a candidate for state office to request a recount begins. Certification does not preclude the state from continuing any current investigations related to the General Primary Run-off or from pursuing any future allegations that may arise from the election.

Brian Kemp was sworn in as Secretary of State in January 2010. Among the office’s wide-ranging responsibilities, the Secretary of State is charged with conducting efficient and secure elections, the registration of corporations, and the regulation of securities and professional license holders. The office also oversees the Georgia Archives and the Capitol Museum.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Georgia's Conservative Leaders Agree: John Douglas is the Right Choice!

The Douglas Campaign released the endorsements of Sadie Fields, Commissioner Stan Wise and Commissioner Lauren "Bubba" McDonald

With the runoff election for the Republican nomination for Public Service Commission coming up around the corner, conservative statewide leaders are lining up behind the proven public servant in the race, John Douglas. Today, the Douglas campaign announced the endorsement of Sadie Fields, former head of the Christian Coalition of Georgia Christian Alliance, and current members of the Public Service Commission, Stan Wise and Lauren "Bubba" McDonald.

"I've known Senator Douglas for many years and have witnessed first hand the consistent, conservative values he has displayed in the General Assembly - his voting record speaks for itself. Unlike some, John has never compromised his conservative principles for political gain," said Mrs. Fields. "A man of character and integrity who served in the Armed Forces, John will represent the families of Georgia with the same firm leadership and strong values he has shown in his service to both the military and in the state legislature."

Sadie Fields now joins an overwhelming group of statewide leaders who support John Douglas' past record which ultimately reflects his proven position on the issues that plague Georgia ratepayers. Public Service Commissioner Stan Wise and Bubba McDonald have also publicly endorsed Douglas alongside one of his former opponents Representative Jeff May, as the true conservative left in the race to replace retiring commissioner Bobby Baker.

"I am truly honored to have the support of Sadie, Stan, and Lauren as we head into the final stretch of this race," said Senator Douglas. "I greatly appreciate their endorsements as well as the support of many other conservative leaders in our state that have signed onto my campaign. I am certain that with the leadership of great men and women like those supporting my candidacy, we will keep a stronghold of conservatism on the Public Service Commission."

A lifelong Republican, Sen. Douglas is a retired Army Officer who served 18 years in the US Army before retiring as a Major in 1994. When not doing Senate business, he is a Field Representative for the Peace Officers Association of Georgia. He was first elected to the Newton County Board of Education in 1998, the Georgia House of Representatives in 2002 and the Georgia Senate in 2004. He was the first Republican from Newton County to be elected to both the GA House and Senate. Senator John Douglas, his wife Susan and daughter Katherine reside in Social Circle and attend Salem United Methodist Church.

More information is available at his website: Senator Douglas may also be reached by email:, or by phone: 404-375-1234.

Graves Agrees with Senators Report on Wasteful Stimulus Bill

ABC News reported this week that U.S. Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain released an oversight report showing the Obama Stimulus is filled with wasteful projects that do not create jobs.

The report by the two United States Senators identified 100 stimulus projects which were considered wasteful, including flat screen televisions for the State Department and a better way to freeze rat DNA.

U.S. Rep Tom Graves agreed with his colleagues from the Senate and said the Obama Stimulus has added billions to the federal debt and failed to create the jobs as promised.

“I’ve opposed the stimulus bill from day one because it puts our country further into debt and government-funded stimulus does not create private sector jobs,” said Rep. Graves. “The Senators’ report shows the wasteful spending mindset that prevails in Washington and why the unused portions of the stimulus bill must be repealed.”

Rep. Graves is a co-sponsor of H.R.3140, Reducing Barack Obama's Unsustainable Deficit Act.

“This report demonstrates the need for leaders who are committed to restoring fiscal responsibility in Washington,” said Rep. Graves. “North Georgia needs a leader who recognizes Washington’s wasteful spending when he sees it and will oppose tax, spend and borrow mentality that now dominates Congress.”

Lee Hawkins, Rep. Graves’ challenger in the August 10th Runoff Election, embraced stimulus funding last December when he joined Vice President Joe Biden at a pep rally for the bill. reported Hawkins attended the rally and Hawkins went on to brag about joining the Vice President at the rally in a campaign press release and his Twitter update.

After taking criticism from conservatives for attending the event, Hawkins removed the press release from his website and repeatedly said he did not attend a stimulus rally.

Several months later, pictures surfaced with Hawkins sitting on the front row.

Hawkins again changed his story, this time saying he did attend the event because he was the Chairman of the State and Local Governmental Operations Committee in the State Senate, but that it wasn’t a stimulus rally.

The Gainesville Times reported though the Vice President Biden was in town to announce $183 million in projects that were funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Obama Stimulus.

However, Hawkins’ new reason for attending doesn’t explain why his campaign sent out a press release touting his appearance with the Vice President.

“There is a clear difference between my challenger and me. I oppose the stimulus bill, and have co-sponsored legislation repealing the unused portions of it, while Lee has shown support for the President’s stimulus bill,” said Rep. Graves.

Rep. Graves was elected on June 8th in a Special Election Runoff to fill the remainder term for the 9th District. Hawkins is challenging Rep. Graves for the full term on August 10th in a runoff election. Rep. Graves has defeated Hawkins three previous times.

Rep. Graves received 49.5 percent of the vote in the July 20th GOP Republican Primary, taking a commanding 22.8 percent lead over Hawkins going into the run-off election.

For more information about the Graves campaign, visit

Maria Sheffield: Positive Policy - True Georgia

Georgia needs and deserves an Insurance Commissioner who does not require on-the-job training, an insurance commissioner with the right experience.

Given the state of the economy, its direct impact on the insurance industry and the raging federal debates regarding healthcare and the regulation of insurance, it is crucial Georgia have an insurance commissioner who is fully versed in the issues.

I will work with Georgia’s INSURANCE AGENTS:

Insurance agents - both independent and company agents - are good people who deserve an Insurance Commissioner who will support their efforts to serve the people of Georgia.

I strongly support Georgia insurance agents and the agent system. Professionally licensed insurance agents, brokers and consultants are the liaisons with Georgia consumers and there will always be a proper role for qualified agents, as they are vital to the process and provide valuable services to individuals and employers.

President Obama and his friends in the Georgia Democrat Party are doing all they can to attack and remove the ability of Georgia insurance agents to operate in the free market place. I am proud to stand with Georgia insurance agents and defend their right and ability to provide a service to Georgia without undue and excessive government regulation.

I WILL FIGHT Obamacare:

As your next Insurance Commissioner, I will refuse to participate in any Obamacare policies which come across my desk: in the strongest manner possible, I will fight the health care and health insurance takeover by the Obama Administration.

Obamacare means obscene costs in higher taxes, burdensome debt, anti-freedom mandates. Most in Georgia understand that Obamacare is transformational legislation that will take the United States into European-style Socialism.

As your next Insurance Commissioner, I will not participate in any phase of the recently enacted federal health care legislation including the first phase which calls for the implementation of a temporary high risk insurance pool. This creates a massive unfunded mandate on Georgia taxpayers and our state budget.


Georgia must have a vigorous, free market competitive insurance environment, which will expand consumer choice and drive down premiums.

I will work with the General Assembly to make certain your Consumer Services Division is fully funded as this vitally important division of the Department of Insurance is dedicated to helping Georgians resolve disputes with their insurance companies and agents.

I strongly support the FREE-MARKET and CONSUMER CHOICE:

I will make sure Georgia maintains a competitive, free market insurance environment; one that adequately provides choice and availability to both individuals and companies.


Georgia taxpayers deserve an Insurance Commissioner who is committed to keeping property, health, workers' compensation and life coverages affordable and available. I will oppose any regulatory action which would limit any person's insurance options and choice.


I pledge to continue the Rural Georgia Healthcare Initiative. This important privately funded program allows Georgians living in rural areas of the state convenient local access to specialty medical care usually found only in Georgia’s largest metropolitan areas.


I oppose any effort to dismantle the state insurance regulatory system.

The state system has kept the industry stable and solvent for nearly 200 years. Insurance is a product that is locally purchased and locally consumed and a Georgia Insurance Commissioner is better able to protect the citizens of the state of Georgia than a federal bureaucracy.

I will work to bring jobs to Georgia by encouraging insurance companies to become licensed to do business in Georgia, and to move their operations to the state, which can also simultaneously increase competition.


It is estimated that insurance fraud costs Americans $80 to $120 billion dollars a year. That means that each family in Georgia has paid nearly $1,000 out of their own pocket due to insurance fraud, which in its various forms, is one of the most costly white collar crimes.

It infiltrates every type of insurance and makes victims of both the consumers and the insurance industry.

Be clear on this, I will use my legal background to aggressively investigate and prosecute insurance fraud in Georgia.


There are many changes being proposed in healthcare and insurance. We must maintain portability for Georgia policyholders. A job change should never cause a Georgia taxpayer to lose his or her health insurance.

Maria Sheffield – Experience Ready To Lead On Day One!

Maria Sheffield thanks you for your prayers, support, and hard work. Maria Sheffield asks you for your vote on Tuesday, August 10th in the Republican Run-off for Insurance Commissioner.

For Georgia,

Team Sheffield

Visit Maria at

Positive Policy: Maria Sheffield for Healthcare Providers

By Maria Sheffield, on Aug 6, 2010

Georgia is blessed with healthcare providers willing to serve their communities. I want them to do what they do best - make sick people better and save lives.

I will work to make sure Georgia healthcare providers receive fair rate negotiations, prompt payment of claims and Georgia moves towards modern electronic systems to facilitate insurance transactions.

In many ways, Georgia's healthcare providers are often victims of the insurance process. Healthcare providers spend more time dealing with insurance related paperwork and regulations, fighting to get authorization for procedures and payment for legitimate claims. We must create a more efficient system.

I am a strong supporter of tort reform and will use the powers and influence of the office of Insurance Commissioner to support passage of additional doctor-friendly tort reform in Georgia.

I am very much committed to the Rural Georgia Healthcare Initiative. I understand the majority of Georgians live outside of metro Atlanta and access to healthcare is vital in an emergency. I will work to expand this privately funded program to more rural areas of Georgia which will allow Georgia residents to utilize medical care usually found only in Georgia’s largest metropolitan areas.

Georgia’s healthcare providers deserve a Commissioner of Insurance who will work with them to remove unnecessary and outdated paperwork requirements and regulations.

Speaker of the House David Ralston and Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle endorse John Douglas for the Public Service Commission and join Statewide Leadership

With the runoff election for the Republican nomination for Public Service Commission coming up around the corner, conservative statewide leaders are lining up behind the proven public servant in the race, John Douglas. Most recently, Speaker of the House David Ralston and Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle have joined the fight to keep the Public Service Commission a place where consistent conservative values are upheld as they head into the 2011 legislative session.

"John Douglas is the kind of leader Georgia can depend on and I am proud to endorse his campaign for Public Service Commission," said House Speaker David Ralston. "He has earned the trust of the people of Georgia and when elected, he will continue to fight for us. I wish John the best and am proud to call him a friend."

The Speaker now joins an overwhelming group of statewide leaders who support John Douglas' past record which ultimately reflects his proven position on the issues that plague Georgia ratepayers. President of the Senate Casey Cagle, former opponent Jeff May and Congressman Lynn Westmoreland are three of the most notable public servants in the state of Georgia, and they too have thrown their support behind Douglas.

"During his time in the Senate, John Douglas has served the people of our state with integrity and diligence. He is a strong conservative leader that Georgia can depend on and I am proud to endorse his campaign to be our next Public Service Commissioner. On August 10th, vote for Conservative John Douglas and he will continue to make us proud," stated Congressman Lynn Westmoreland.

Along with Westmoreland's strong endorsement, former opponent Jeff May has come out and publicly backed Douglas stating:

"August 10, one week from today I will be casting my vote for Senator John Douglas in the run-off election for Public Service Commission. With this election the choice is simple. We need a consistent, conservative public servant to represent Georgia taxpayers, and I am certain we will achieve this with the election of Senator John Douglas to the Public Service Commission. It has been an honor to serve with John in the Georgia state legislature for the past 6 years. John has shown great leadership evident through his service in the armed forces, the state house, the state senate, as well as along the campaign trail. There is no doubt in my mind that Senator John Douglas will fight for every Georgian and stand up for their conservative values."

A list of Douglas' endorsements can be found below. They range from statewide public servants in the state legislature, current and former Congressman, county sheriffs, and conservative grassroots leaders.Walton/Gwinnett County Patriots
Atlanta 9/12 Group
Georgia Conservative Webmasters
Georgia Right to Life

Lt Gov Casey Cagle
Speaker of the House David Ralston
Congressman Lynn Westmoreland
Congressman Mac Collins (Ret)
Nancy Coverdell
Former Georgia Attorney General Mike Bowers
Lauren "Bubba" McDonald, Chairman of Public Service Commissioner (District 4)
Stan Wise, Public Service Commissioner (District 5)

Senator Don Balfour
Senator John Bulloch
Senator Jim Butterworth
Senator Buddy Carter
Senator Ronnie Chance
Senator Jeff Chapman
Senator Bill Cowsert
Senator John Crosby
Senator Greg Goggans
Senator Johnny Grant
Senator Bill Hamrick
Senator Seth Harp
Senator Bill Heath
Senator Jack Hill
Senator Judson Hill
Senator Bill Jackson
Senator Dan Moody
Senator Jeff Mullis
Senator Jack Murphy
Senator Chip Pearson
Senator Chip Rogers (Honorary Campaign Chairman)
Senator Mitch Seabaugh
Senator David Shafer
Senator Preston Smith
Senator Cecil Staton
Senator Don Thomas
Senator Ross Tolleson
Senator Renee Unterman
Senator Dan Weber
Senator John Wiles
Senator Tommie Williams

Representative Stephen Allison
Representative Amos Amerson
Representative Lee Anderson
Representative Rick Austin
Representative Paul Battles
Representative Tim Bearden
Representative Jon Burns
Representative Charlice Byrd
Representative Jill Chambers
Representative Jim Cole
Representative Brooks Coleman
Representative Doug Collins
Representative Sharon Cooper
Representative Clay Cox
Representative Steve Davis
Representative Burke Day
Representative Earl Ehrhart
Representative Terry England
Representative Harry Geisinger
Representative Ben Harbin
Representative Buddy Harden
Representative Calvin Hill
Representative Cecily Hill
Representative Doug Holt
Representative Bill Horne
Representative Penny Houston
Representative Sean Jerguson
Representative Jerry Keen (House Majority Leader)
Representative Rusty Kidd
Representative David Knight
Representative Bob Lane
Representative Ed Lindsey
Representative Barry Loudermilk
Representative Gene Maddox
Representative Judy Manning
Representative Chuck Martin
Representative Howard Maxwell
Representative Tom McCall
Representative John Meadows
Representative Fran Millar
Representative Jay Neal
Representative Larry O'Neal
Representative Butch Parrish
Representative Don Parsons
Representative Allen Peake
Representative Jay Powell
Representative Jimmy Pruett
Representative Matt Ramsey
Representative Jay Roberts
Representative Ed Rynders
Representative Tony Sellier
Representative Donna Sheldon
Representative Chuck Sims
Representative Bob Smith
Representative Richard Smith
Representative Len Walker
Representative Joe Wilkinson
Representative Wendell Willard
Representative Roger Williams
Representative John Yates
Former Representative Barbara Bunn
Former Representative Jeff Lewis

Sheriff of Coweta County, Mike Yeager
Sheriff of Barrow County, Jud Smith
Sheriff of Butts County, Gene Pope
Sheriff of Fannin County, Dane Kirby
Sheriff of Habersham County, Joey Terrell
Sheriff of Henry County, Keith McBrayer
Sheriff of Houston County, Cullen Talton
Sheriff of Morgan County, Robert Markley
Sheriff of Oconee County, Scott Berry
Sheriff of Rabun County, Frank Andrews
Sheriff of Rockdale County, Jeff Wiggington
Sheriff of Spalding County, Dee Stewart
Sheriff of Walton County, Joe Chapman
Retired Henry County Police Chief Russ Abernathy

Gwinnett Commission Chairman Charles Banister
Oconee Commission Chairman Melvin Davis
Paulding Commission Chairman David Austin
Walton Commission Chairman Kevin Little
Walton County Commissioner Gerald Atha
Walton County Commissioner Clinton Ayers
Walton County Commissioner Chuck Bagley
Walton County Commissioner Lamar Palmer

Mayor Arthur Letchas, Alpharetta
Mayor Steve "Thunder" Tumlin, Marietta
Mayor Boyd Austin, Dallas
Mayor Don Cannon, Walnut Grove
Mayor Lorene Lindsey, Locust Grove
Mayor RW Coley, Hampton
Mayor Bobby Hamby, Porterdale
Mayor Tyson Haynes, Chatsworth
Former Mayor JW Cummings, Newborn
Mayor Bill Cochii, Mansfield
Mayor Jim Burgess, Social Circle

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Smith to Use AG’s Authority to Verify Citizenship in University System

Like Virginia AG he will use common sense, enforce law

Preston Smith, Republican candidate for Georgia attorney general, today announced that during his first year in office he will designate post-secondary education as a “public benefit”. By doing so, Smith will trigger an automatic requirement for Georgia’s public colleges and universities to verify the citizenship of applicants and attendees.

“Some bureaucrats in higher education seem reluctant to protect the taxpayers by ensuring that only those who are in legally in our state can attend our taxpayer-funded colleges and universities,” said Smith. “They say it is a complicated issue, but I am going to make it simple for them. By using exiting authority that Attorney General Baker has ignored, I will require citizenship verification for every current student and future applicant.”

As a State Senator in 2009, Smith voted for House Bill 2, a bill that passed the General Assembly and became law on January 1, 2010. It defines certain ‘public benefits’ and requires, for the recipients of those benefits, verification of lawful presence within the United States. It also authorizes the attorney general to update the list of defined “public benefits” each year by August 1 and allows him to require that any recipient of the enumerated public benefit be required to have citizenship eligibility confirmed through the SAVE program.

“As attorney general, I will use every tool I have to enforce our current laws against illegal immigration and work to strengthen them where necessary. Georgians can’t afford another attorney general ignoring this issue. The burden of illegal immigration on taxpayers is too high and the cost to public safety is too great,” said Smith.

Smith has also pledged to aggressively enforce The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act, one of the toughest immigration laws in the nation that he helped pass in 2006. In addition to requiring all public employers and those working on public contracts to verify citizenship, the law stipulates that an arresting police officer must make a reasonable effort to determine the nationality of any person charged and arrested with a felony or DUI. Smith will take a similar stance as the attorney general of Virginia who announced today that law enforcement officers are allowed to check the immigration status of anyone “stopped or arrested”.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Karen Handel Campaign Update

The excitement continues each day! Our campaign is gaining momentum faster than I could have ever imagined and I am pleased and honored with the response we are getting all over the state. I am traveling all over Georgia talking to voters about our campaign and my vision for our future.

We started running our new television ad Thursday and once again, the response has been great. But as you know, in order to continue getting our message out and keep these ads running, we must have the financial resources. We have had a tremendous week raising money but in campaigns, unfortunately, there is never enough!!

Will you please make a contribution to our Runoff campaign now?

Your contribution will go directly into our media account and directly onto television. We are over half way through this Runoff campaign and your financial help is needed now more than ever. Please make an urgent contribution today to help us fund our media campaign and let the voters of Georgia know that I am the ethical, conservative leader that we need as our nominee.

Because of the nature of a Runoff, we will begin spending money quickly from now until August 10 election day and all because of the important television campaign. However, we can only spend it if we raise it!!

Also, we have a disclosure deadline on August 4 so in order to show the largest amount possible raised, I need your contribution today!

I am proud of our campaign and how much we have increased our base of support since the Primary. I am also proud of our conservative and honest message and of our incredible statewide organization. I am grateful to have earned your support and I would be honored to be your Republican nominee for Governor!

Please help us get there with your contribution now and your vote on August 10!

Thanks so much!


Campaign Update from Sam Olens

Early Voting Starts Today!

Early voting started today and runs through Friday. To find your local polling location click here:

Voter turnout is expected to be very low statewide. Every vote counts more than ever and we need you to help get your friends and family to the polls this week.

For an email you can forward to your friends email or forward this email to a friend and ask them to vote for Sam Olens in the run-off election this week or on Election Day on Tuesday, August 10th.

Final Week and We Need Your Help!

To fully fund our campaign messaging statewide we need to raise an additional $50,000 in the next 5 days.

It is imperative that we get Sam’s platform to Republican voters statewide.

Georgia’s next AG will make critical decisions in health care, water, illegal immigration and redistricting that will affect Georgians for generations to come.

Sam is the only candidate for Attorney General that has:

27 years of top-rated legal experience
Experience trying more than 150 jury trials
Knowledge and experience in dealing with Georgia’s “water wars”
A record of fighting illegal immigration
A record of governing with “sunshine policies”
A record of fighting for prayer in public meetings Please help us turn out the vote for Sam by contributing securely on-line today. Any gift, whether $2,500, $1,000, $500, $250 or $100 will help. Contribute Here.

175 Statewide Endorsements from Elected Officials

We are pleased to announce that Sam has received new endorsements from:
Cecil Staton, State Senator
Bill Chappell, Chairman, Carroll County
Burke Day, State Representative
Max Bacon, Mayor of Smyrna
Ned Sanders, Chair of Houston County
Liz Hausmann, Commissioner-elect, Fulton County and former Councilwoman, Johns Creek City Council.

For a full endorsement list click here!

Jody Hice Campaign: Early Voting Begins Today.

Early Voting begins on Monday, August 2nd and continues during the final week before the Republican Run-off Election on Tuesday, August 10th.

Please take time to go cast your ballot for conservative leader Dr. Jody Hice for Congress. Also, please encourage other members of your family, your friends, neighbors, fellow church members, business associates and co-workers to vote for Dr. Hice during Early Voting if at all possible. You can vote early, in person, at the following locations:

Barrow County

Barrow County Elections Office
33 E. Broad Street
Winder, GA

Forsyth County

Voter Registrations and Elections Office
Forsyth County Administration Building
110 E. Main St., Suite 200
Cumming, GA
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Gwinnett County

Gwinnett County Voter Registration and Elections Office
455 Grayson Highway, Suite 200
Lawrenceville, GA

Newton County

Elections Office
Newton County Administration Building
113 Usher Street
Covington, GA

Walton County

Walton County Governmental Building
303 South Hammond Drive
Monroe, GA

Voting in the Run-off Election is not limited to those who voted in the first round of the primary on July 20. Those who missed voting on July 20 may still vote in the Run-off. However, if anyone voted in the Democrat primary, they may not participate in the Republican Run-off.

Dr. Hice’s campaign continues to gain momentum. Jody is the true conservative. He is not a Washington insider. He has a proven record of fighting for the Constitution, conservative principles, and for our God-given American freedoms! He is also a bold opponent of President Obama’s ultra-liberal agenda of intrusive big government, excessive spending, massive debt, and higher taxes.

Jody Hice is the official TEA Party candidate and is endorsed by the folowing TEA Parties:
Atlanta TEA Party
Gwinnett TEA Party
Walton TEA Party

Jody is also endorsed by the political action committees of these Major National Conservative Groups and Leaders:

Family Research Council - The Nation’s Leading Conservative Pro-Family Organization
Eagle Forum - Leading the Pro-Family Movement Since 1972
Concerned Women for America - The Nation’s Largest Public Policy Women’s Group
Team America PAC - Nation’s Leading Group Focused on Ending Illegal Immigration
Network of Politically Active Christians
Conservative Congress
Congressman Tom Tancredo - “Mr. Anti-Illegal Immigration”
Georgia Right to Life

Please make your voice heard. Make your vote count. Let Washington know that you demand a return to constitutionally limited government, lower taxes, and no more wasteful spending.

Vote for Dr. Jody Hice for Congress.

Also please make your most generous contribution online at to help Jody’s campaign continue to get his message out and to Get Out The Vote during Early Voting and on August 10th.

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland Endorses Hudgens

Lynn Westmoreland who represents Georgia’s Third Congressional District has announced his endorsement of Ralph Hudgens in the race for State Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. In making his announcement, Westmoreland said, “I served with Ralph Hudgens in the Georgia General Assembly and I know Ralph to be an effective leader who can get things done. Ralph is a pragmatic, consensus building problem solver who possesses the skills necessary to be an excellent Insurance Commissioner for Georgia. Ralph and Suzanne Hudgens have been dear friends of both Joan and me for years and I am proud to support his candidacy to be Georgia's next Insurance Commissioner.”

Hudgens has pledged meaningful reform of the Department of Insurance and to work closely with the state legislature to battle the federal take over of health insurance. In the 2010 Georgia General Assembly session, Hudgens passed legislation designed to prevent any Georgian from being forced into Obama Care. Ralph Hudgens expressed appreciation for Congressman Westmoreland’s support, “Lynn Westmoreland is a man of character and fierce independence who is dedicated to the principles of our founding fathers and is respected by freedom loving Georgians. I welcome his support.”

The Office of Commissioner of Insurance is a very
 important one to the people of our state. Given his background Hudgens says he is prepared to lead the office through the difficult times ahead. Hudgens, who is from Athens, has a proven track record as a successful family business owner who has created
 jobs and made payroll, year after year. Hudgens has also picked up the endorsement of three of his former opponents for Insurance Commissioner. Tom Knox, Harold Logsdon and Gerry Purcell have all endorsed Ralph Hudgens. In making his endorsement Purcell said, “After 16 years, 
we need a fresh start. Ralph's positive and clean primary
 campaign further demonstrates he has the ethics, the honesty, and
 the character that the people of Georgia deserve. When it comes to leadership, Ralph Hudgens is the
 candidate who spearheaded legislation to protect the rights of
 nine million Georgians to make their own health care decisions. 
That is leadership. It is without 
hesitation that I endorse his candidacy”. Last week, Ralph Hudgens also picked up the support of the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia (Big I). The Big I is largest and most influential agents organization in the State. The run off for Insurance Commissioner will be held Tuesday, August 10th.