Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eric Johnson Qualifies for Governor

Thanks supporters, reaffirms pledge to put Georgia back to work

Monday, April, 26th

Senator Eric Johnson today qualified as a Republican candidate for Governor. Immediately prior to qualifying, he addressed a crowd of supporters in the North Wing of the State Capitol.

“So many of you here today- and countless others across this state- have put your trust in our campaign. There isn’t a day that goes by that Kathryn and I don’t remember that and renew our pledge to never let you down,” said Johnson. “With the right leadership, we can put Georgia back to work and, folks, I’m just the guy to do it.”

Johnson had a greater than $1 million cash on hand advantage over Karen Handel and Nathan Deal at the last disclosure report. The campaign continues to be on TV in markets across the state with an ad that emphasizes Johnson’s proven conservative record and plans to put Georgia back to work.

“I want you to hear it from me- we are going to win this race,” continued Johnson. “I don’t ever want to turn back or be turned back by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, MoveOn.Org, ACORN, or Roy Barnes!” An architect and a respected conservative leader, Eric Johnson served as President Pro Tempore of the Georgia State Senate. In that role, he passed legislation that cut taxes and spending, empowered small businesses, and protected doctors and businesses from frivolous lawsuits. He and his wife Kathryn have two grown children and live in Savannah. For more information please visit


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