Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Senator Seth Harp Qualifies For Insurance Commissioner and Bo Callaway and Nancy Coverdell to Serve as Co-Chairs

Senator Seth Harp (R-Midland) officially qualified to run in the Republican Primary for Georgia's Insurance Commissioner and announced a broad-based Statewide Steering Committee composed of community, industry and political leaders from throughout Georgia.

"I am very thrilled and privileged to have so many great people throughout Georgia endorse my candidacy and support my campaign," Sen.Harp stated. "Over the next few months we will continue to aggressively campaign throughout this state and deliver a message of an Insurance Commissioner who promises to put the taxpayers of Georgia first and give you what you deserve: an Insurance Commissioner you can depend on."

Seth pledges to apply the same conservative values he used in the State Senate in order to crack down on fraud and ensure that Georgians' rights are protected. Seth vows to fight to keep rates low, investigate fraud and bring integrity, honor and accountability to the Department of Insurance.

In addition to qualifying, Seth announced a broad-based Statewide Steering Committee composed of community, industry and political leaders from across Georgia. The steering committee consists of many current and former elected officials, Republican leaders, and industry leaders. Serving as Co-Chairs to the campaign are Nancy Coverdell, wife of the late U.S. Sen. Paul Coverdell, and former Congressman Bo Callaway.

Other members include:
Gerard Bernier
Dot Burns
Dr. Burch Cameron, DMD
John & Judy Cole
Joe Cornelius, Jr.
Pat & Dick Donnelly
Mary Flanders
Molly Dye Franklin
James Madden Hatcher, III, J. Smith Lanier
Sheriff Mike Jolley, Harris County
Mayor Jeff Lukken, LaGrange
Camille Russo
Andrea Shoemaker
John Sours
Commissioner Helen Stone, Chatham County
Dianne Strickland
Martin Sullivan
Mat Swift
Eric Tanenblatt

A resident of Muscogee County, Seth is married to Linda Collins Harp of Camilla, Georgia and they have two married daughters, Mary Rebecca Dick and Leslee Shannon (and three grandchildren). The Harps are members of Wynnton United Methodist Church in Columbus where they have taught Sunday school.


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