Thursday, June 10, 2010

FreedomWorks PAC Gains Key Victories in “Super Tuesday” Elections

(BUSINESS WIRE)--The hard work and dedication of FreedomWorks PAC activists were rewarded at the close of a nationwide series of primary, run-off, and special elections held yesterday, June 8th. Two key conservative victories in Nevada and Georgia will be sure to advance FreedomWorks PAC’s ambitious “Take America Back in 2010” campaign agenda.

“It is so exciting to see a new generation of conservative leaders emerge in the ongoing fight for small government, lower taxes and more individual freedom”

In the Nevada Republican Senate primary, FreedomWorks PAC joined the likes of other national conservative groups including Club for Growth, Tea Party Express, and Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, to propel small-government conservative Sharron Angle to a landslide victory with 40.1 percent of the 3-way vote.

Angle earned a “Champion of Freedom” endorsement from FreedomWorks PAC for her strong commitment to limited government, and will take on one –if not the biggest- target for the conservative movement this fall: Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Meanwhile, FreedomWorks PAC was also heavily engaged in yesterday’s special election to fill Georgia’s 9th Congressional District seat, supporting State Representative and longtime FreedomWorks ally Tom Graves. When all was said and done, Graves cruised to victory thanks to his campaign’s strict, limited government, fiscally conservative message and the hard work of FreedomWorks Georgia activists who engaged in “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) phone calls and door-to-door literature drops on his behalf.

Graves won an impressive 12 out of 15 counties in the northern Georgia District, with 56 percent of the overall vote.

“It is so exciting to see a new generation of conservative leaders emerge in the ongoing fight for small government, lower taxes and more individual freedom,” commented Dick Armey, Chairman of FreedomWorks PAC. “Tom Graves and Sharron Angle have the principles and the promise necessary to defeat the culture of corruption in Washington and to take back the conservative majority in 2010.”

In addition to yesterday’s gains, FreedomWorks PAC has enjoyed success in other key early electoral contests. In Senate primary races in Kentucky and Pennsylvania, FreedomWorks PAC endorsed “Champions of Freedom” Rand Paul and Pat Toomey, who both won outright and easily. In Utah, PAC efforts played a significant role in ousting the long time big-government apologist Senator Bob Bennett, and advancing PAC endorsed candidate Mike Lee to a run-off election on June 22.

To continue the momentum this election cycle, FreedomWorks PAC has begun to mobilize for aggressive GOTV campaigns in House and Senate races all over the country. Campaign efforts will include volunteer phone banks, district door-to-door walks, and 72 hour teams that will ensure success for the true conservative Champions of Freedom, and defeat for those candidates that most threaten the limited government agenda.

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