Monday, June 21, 2010

Johnson Releases New Television Ad

Denounces Washington’s failures and offers better, conservative alternative

Senator Eric Johnson, Republican candidate for Governor, today released a television ad entitled “Too Much”, which denounces the federal government’s failures and lays out a better way forward. The ad will air on broadcast networks starting on Tuesday. It can be viewed online here.

“It is time to hold the federal government accountable for their out of control spending, higher taxes, and refusal to stop illegal immigration. Enough is enough,” said Johnson. “They are costing us too many jobs and too much money. As Governor, I’m going to fight back and offer a clear alternative to their failed policies.”

Johnson has released a detailed plan to create jobs that includes cutting taxes, reducing regulations, personalizing education, making Georgia the energy leader of the Southeast, providing small businesses and entrepreneurs the capitol and climate they need to grow, building the infrastructure the private sector needs to prosper, and standing up to the job-killing policies of politicians in Washington.

He has also laid out a comprehensive plan to take on the Obama Administration by:

· Continuing the fight against Obamacare through every legal and legislative avenue possible.

· Verifying citizenship status in schools and emergency rooms to mount a court challenge to Pyler v. Doe, the US Supreme Court case that forced the costs of illegal immigration onto states.

· Enforcing our immigration laws if the federal government won’t by incentivizing local law enforcement to participate in 287(g) and Secure Communities.

· Aggressively defending the citizenship verification process in voter registration.

· Spearheading the effort to protect Georgia’s water rights through legislative and judicial means.

“Some in Washington seem to be content with the idea that this might be the first generation of children that isn’t better off than their parents. I reject that view,” continued Johnson. “We can show Washington how you create jobs in the private sector by balancing the budget, cutting taxes, and enforcing the rule of law. With the right leadership, we can put Georgia back to work. And I’m just the guy to do it.”

An architect and a respected conservative leader, Eric Johnson served as President Pro Tempore of the Georgia State Senate. In that role, he passed legislation that cut taxes and spending, empowered small businesses, and strengthened Georgia’s laws against illegal immigration. He and his wife, Kathryn, have two grown children and live in Savannah. More information is available at


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