Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roy Barnes - At it Again (from Eric Johnson, candidate for GA Gov)

As you know I released a detailed plan to combat illegal immigration not too long ago. Our comprehensive plan got national coverage on FoxNews and Georgians across the state have told us how excited they are about my crackdown on illegal immigration. And what does Roy Barnes decide to do? Attack me and our plan!

Folks, we all know exactly what Roy is planning- raise as much money as he can from trial lawyers and his liberal friends, tap his $16 million dollar personal fortune, and tear down our Republican nominee. I’ve gone toe to toe with him before as the Republican leader in the Senate the same four years Roy was Governor and believe me when I say he’ll do anything to win.

That’s why I’m writing you today. At midnight tonight, the final fundraising disclosure period of the primary election cycle ends. Anything you can give by clicking here today to access our secure on-line contribution system will send a strong message to Roy, to Washington, and to the Democrats. We’ve had ENOUGH of their failed policies of open borders, bigger government, and higher taxes.

Roy might be more concerned about what the New York Times says than what Georgians say, but I disagree. I’m proud to stand with you and say it’s time to enforce our immigration laws! The Democrats know our plan makes sense and they understand that now that we have launched our television ads and kicked up our grassroots campaign, more and more Georgians are joining our team. And you know what? They’re worried. That’s why they’re attacking now.

If you would, please consider clicking here today to help us fight back. Anything you give- $25, $50, $100 or any amount you’re comfortable, your contribution will help us continue to spread our message of proven conservative leadership and remind Georgians that there is an alternative to the top down, government knows best style of the Obama-Pelosi-Barnes Democrats.

Our next Governor is going to have to stand up to Washington and say enough is enough. Enough of the out of control spending. Enough of the record deficits that will burden future generations. Enough of the refusal to secure our borders and enforce the rule of law. I’m going to do just that, but will need your help to make it happen. By clicking here, you can make sure we reach our goals for the final disclosure period, but remember- time runs out at midnight!

Form the bottom of my heart, I say thank you for your trust and support. Together, we’re going to win this race. Together, we’re going to stand up to Washington and show them how to balance a budget, cut taxes, and create jobs in the private sector. Together, we’re going to put Georgia back to work. I appreciate you being a part of that effort.

Yours for a better Georgia,
Eric Johnson

P.S. We knew it was coming! Roy Barnes and the Democrats are on the attack. Please click here to give a secure on-line contribution before the deadline at midnight tonight so we can fight back and stand up for our conservative principles. Thanks.


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