Friday, October 15, 2010

Carol Porter Receives Endorsements From Prominent Conservative Pundits

Yesterday conservative blogger and CNN political commentator Erick Erickson, along with several of his conservative colleagues, announced that they would be supporting Carol Porter’s campaign to be Georgia’s next Lt. Governor. Last week former Republican Gubernatorial Candidate and businessman Ray Boyd also announced that he is endorsing Porter’s candidacy.

Mrs. Carolyn Young, who is also the wife of Civil Rights leader and former Atlanta mayor, Ambassador Andrew Young, has endorsed Carol Porter as well. A seasoned educator, philanthropist, and executive, Mrs. Young joined Porter’s campaign earlier this fall, serving as Co-Chair along with Shannon Fickling of Macon. Mrs. Young said she views her role as, “an opportunity to make the right choice at an important time for our state.”

Porter is not the typical candidate for public office. She has worked on the policy and issues facing Georgia for over 26 years, but as a non-incumbent, she is not a career politician. She is a small business owner, the General Manager of nine newspapers, a Sunday school teacher, and the mother of four Eagle Scout sons. Porter’s real-word business experience, her common sense approach to the issues, and her commitment to ethics are a sharp contrast to her opponent, the incumbent Lt. Governor.

As Carol states, "Georgia doesn’t have reliable water, decent transportation, is in the bottom of education and is number one in the percentage of our population in the correctional system. None of this is pro-business, none of this will grow our economy and until we get ethics into Georgia's government none of this will change."

Carol Porter’s campaign has focused on exposing the unethical decisions coming from the Lt. Governor's office that have hurt Georgia’s economy. Porter often speaks about the solutions that exist for our state if we would elect fresh, new, ethical leadership to the Lt. Governor's office.

From the beginning Carol Porter’s campaign for Lt. Governor has been about doing what is best for Georgia's economy. Everyday more and more Georgians across all party lines are uniting behind the common sense, ethical values of Carol Porter.


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