Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Deal Touts Education Plan in Newest TV Spot "Results"

Nathan Deal, Republican nominee for governor of Georgia, has released his newest TV commercial focusing on his plan to emphasize science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as greater flexibility in the classroom.

The spot, which began airing this week in all Georgia TV markets, also draws distinctions between Deal and Democrat Roy Barnes, who presided over the decline in SAT scores in his previous administration.

(Female Announcer Voiceover)
When SAT scores fell to 50th in the nation under Roy Barnes, our children's futures were in jeopardy. Barnes unfairly blamed teachers.

(Nathan Deal on camera)
As the son of public school teachers, it's a wrong I intend to right... with more teachers of science, technology, engineering and math...greater flexibility for all teachers in the classroom and accelerated learning ... so our children are qualified for the jobs they deserve.

Nathan Deal. He'll get it right ... the first time.

See the video here.


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