Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Physicians Endorse Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor of Georgia

The Georgia Medical Political Action Committee (GAMPAC), which is the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) political action committee, has endorsed incumbent Casey Cagle for lieutenant governor of Georgia.

“Casey Cagle is receiving widespread support from physicians for one of the most important leadership positions in the state because he has a demonstrable track record as an advocate for patients and physicians,” GAMPAC Chairman Jack M. Chapman Jr., M.D., says. “We share a common vision when it comes to addressing health care issues in that we believe in sustainable free market solutions that empower individuals.”

Dr. Chapman points out that, “Beginning in 2007, Lt. Gov. Cagle helped pass the prompt pay bill in the Senate for three years running.” He said the legislation would have required third party administrators to pay claims in a reasonable timeframe – just like traditional insurers.

And Dr. Chapman explains that while the bill did not ultimately pass out of the state House of Representatives, Lt. Gov. Cagle was also a leading advocate for the “rental network” bill (S.B. 50) – which passed the Senate by a 51-1 vote. He says the measure would have protected physicians with some additional safeguards by requiring full disclosure and transparency in the secondary health insurance payer market.

Dr. Chapman also points out that Lt. Gov. Cagle was instrumental in passing S.R. 277, which cleared the way for the electorate to vote on a $10 vehicle registration fee on November 2 to raise some $80 million in dedicated funds for trauma care each year. (Go to for additional information.)

“The bottom line is that Lt. Gov. Cagle has supported a number of bills that protect patients and that would enhance the practice environment in the state, measures that would reduce the administrative burden on physicians, and measures that ensure that physicians are paid in a timely and accurate way,” Dr. Chapman says. “This ultimately goes to the quality of life in the state because the better the practice environment we have in Georgia, the more physicians we’ll have to care for patients.”

GAMPAC is encouraging patients and physicians to visit for additional information and to support Cagle with a campaign contribution.
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