Monday, July 26, 2010

Belle Isle Endorses Brandon Beach

For everything there is a season. There is a time to fight. There is a time to lead. There is a time to help others. There is a time to follow.

Since our narrow loss Tuesday, I have done a great deal of thinking. I have thought a great deal about what is now in the best interest of the Citizens of Senate District 56. As you might guess, I am still deeply invested in the question of: who is the best person to represent the people of North Fulton in the Georgia Senate? Which will best advance a conservative system? Who is best able to bring about Georgia exceptionalism? Who will be able to help lead Georgia towards less government, more local control and greater fiscal responsibility?

After a careful review of our two options, I am fully convinced that man is Brandon Beach.

After the election, I sat down with Brandon. We talked about the future and the needs of North Fulton and Georgia. I found him to be genuine in his belief of the importance of a free-market economy and the belief that less government equals more jobs. In that conversation, he also pledged he would champion, among other conservative causes we care so deeply about, Zero Based Budgeting and Illegal Immigration reform. And, I know he will honor that pledge.

For these reasons, on August 10th, I will be pulling the lever for Brandon Beach. To all those who have been so generous as to support me, I ask that you do the same. Brandon is a proven and effective leader, and he will be a tremendous advocate for us at the State Capital.

Thank you,
David Belle Isle


Anonymous said...

It is said that Brandon is well connected and that could mean results for North Fulton. However we have to ask ourselves, if we get these results, what will be the cost?

We are in trouble now because we focus too much on politics and not enough on service. Brandon has demonstrated he is politics as usual. Make political promises and support special interest group. Just look at his time at DOT. Also, he is unable to win on the issues and falls back on attacks, just look at the bought and paid for reporting in the Beacon.

Politics as usual, Brandon tells the same story enough maybe some people will begin to believe it. It is this kind of politics that got us into the trouble we are in.

If you tell me Brandon is the better man, better leader, better servant, that is one thing. I do not see it.

To say that he might get more done in North Fulton I have to ask "At what price"?

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