Monday, July 19, 2010

Chuck Efstration for Congress Update

Below is a message from Chuck Efstration asking for your vote in Tuesday's Republican Primary. Please feel free to forward the message to your email list.

Also, you are invited to join Chuck Efstration at his Victory Party Tuesday night at McCray's Restaurant in Lawrenceville. Please see the details below.


Tomorrow, July 20, we have an opportunity to send a message to Washington. For far too long Washington has been out of touch with the American people, and our conservative values have fallen by the wayside. I am running to be a fighter that will provide conservative leadership and never back down from the beliefs we hold dear. Please vote tomorrow at your designated polling precinct. Information regarding the location of your precinct can be found here:

Voters deserve accountability from their elected leaders. I have signed a contract with the voters of the 7th district:
I will fight for the Fair Tax and never vote to raise your taxes.
I will never support a bill that includes an earmark. This is something I can do right away to curb the out of control spending in Washington. I am the only candidate in the race who has made this public promise to the voters.
I will never support government mandates on American business and will work to repeal Obamacare in favor of market based health care reform.
I will fight for tougher ethics rules and term limits for members of Congress.

I will support the interests of voters and businesses in District 7 by:
Meeting with national and international industries to discuss the benefits of bringing their business to the 7th district.
Holding 20 town hall meetings, in person, each year, in order to know exactly the needs and desires of my constituents.

As an Assistant District Attorney in Gwinnett County, I have had the privilege to serve our community by prosecuting felony crimes. It is an honor to have the endorsement of Danny Porter, Gwinnett's District Attorney. Also, as the recent chairman of the Gwinnett Republican Party, I worked very hard to advance conservative principles. I became frustrated and disenchanted with candidates who spoke like conservatives on the campaign trail only to legislate like liberals once elected.

I am proud to have the endorsement of nationally known conservative Erick Erickson, the managing editor of It is important that we have a fighter to stand up for our conservative principles. I have the will and energy to lead and will never bow to the leadership of either party if they are in conflict with conservative principles.

As your representative, it will be critically important that I maintain constant communication with the voters. I plan to be a commuter Congressman so that I never lose touch with the district. Far too many good people have gone to Washington only to be corrupted by the culture of power. When I am not voting on a bill or in a committee meeting, I will be right back at my home in Dacula.

Tomorrow, we have a wonderful opportunity to send new blood and fresh ideas to Washington. I will be a fighter for our conservative principles. It will be an honor to be your Congressman from the 7th District, but more importantly, I will be humbled to carry the banner for our conservative values.

Thank you for your prayers, your vote and your support as we work to send new blood and fresh ideas to Washington, D.C. Vote Chuck Efstration on July 20.

Chuck Efstration
Conservative Republican for Congress


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