Monday, July 19, 2010

Stephen Northington Update: To Be Heard You Must Vote

Do you think your vote doesn't count? Not one single person will cast a vote in tomorrow's primary whose vote will count more than yours. Every Insurance Commissioner in Georgia has been an attorney or career politician - or both. How is that working out for us so far? Call five friends today, remind them to vote and let them know you are supporting Stephen Northington, the candidate for Insurance Commissioner who has the knowledge and experience to understand what the real issues are in the fight against a Federal takeover of our health care. The one candidate who knows firsthand what it's like to deal with the Department of Insurance on behalf of clients and knows what changes will make real improvements for Georgia's citizens. You can maintain the status quo of letting the lawyers and politicians run our government or you can see that we return to what our government was meant to be - a citizen government working for the benefit of Georgians.

I want to offer a heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of Georgians who have worked to elect Stephen Northington as your next Insurance Commissioner. Without you, it would not have been possible!


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