Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gerry Purcell Sets The Record Straight

It's About The Mission And The Message, Not The Money

Gerry Purcell, the conservative, free-market candidate for Georgia Insurance Commissioner, took issue today with his opponents' and the mainstream media's assertion that the Insurance Commissioner's race has been narrowed to a field of two candidates based on their high amounts of fundraising from lobbyists, PACs, and other special interest groups.

The focus on special interest money while excluding voter sentiment is a disturbing trend, according to Purcell. "I am not the candidate of the lobbyists or the favored candidate of the current commissioner, and I don't think that is what the voters are looking for either. We need a fresh start in Georgia."

"To date, we have won 33 out of 34 straw polls and have captured the grassroots momentum of the conservative Republican and independent base," said Purcell. The insider candidates have not even been close in these polls. "Numerous groups have lined up behind us including the 912 Action Network. For my opponents and the media to insinuate that grassroots voices don't matter, for them to imply that politics as usual will win this race based on money alone denies Georgians the ability to have their voices heard."

"I'm proud to have earned the support of Georgians of all stripes and political persuasions who understand that those who led us into this mess are not the ones who will lead us out of it," Purcell added. "It's time we had an Insurance Commissioner who takes ethics seriously. That's why I have pledged to adhere to a no wiggle room, zero-tolerance ethics policy: I will accept no gifts, no meals, no entertainment, no hunting trips, no trips to bowl games, etc., unless I pay my own way. That is the policy of many corporations including Walmart, and that will be my policy. Purcell is not for sale!"

"Let's get about the business of making Georgia the free-market insurance model for the nation," Purcell said.

Gerry Purcell is a life-long conservative and native of Toccoa, Georgia. A graduate of Truett-McConnell College and the Chaminade University of Honolulu, Gerry began his career as a military intelligence officer, earning several distinguished honors including the George Marshall Leadership Award. Gerry entered the corporate world with Mobil Oil, where he turned around five failing multi-million dollar business units. After a bout with cancer at age 29, he started his career over in health insurance, which he considers his calling. Gerry is now nationally recognized as a free-market health care and insurance expert, saving millions for companies and local and state governments nationwide. Gerry and his wife Julianne currently reside in Alpharetta. Gerry launched his campaign for Insurance Commissioner in March 2009 with the intention of bringing new leadership and real, common-sense solutions to Georgia government.
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PatriotRebel2010 said...

Gerry Purcell's message has been the same from the beginning. He is not "connected" to ethical violations. He is a solutions-driven candidate. I've heard him speak many times and his vision and ideas are refreshing. Some of the other candidates seem to be just "jumping on the bandwagon" of issues. Gerry has the expertise, the moral character and the vision to lead Georgia!

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