Monday, July 19, 2010

Maria Sheffield Update: Momentum for Victory

Dick Williams & Phil Kent on GA Gang TV show yesterday:

Maria Sheffield is coming up. Maria is the most visible candidate everywhere - A CONSERVATIVE.

Campaign Activity Momentum for Victory

Maria Sheffield Victory Van Tour

For the final two days of the Primary, Maria Sheffield will visit Georgia communities listening to Georgia taxpayers and talking about the election on Tuesday.
The Maria Sheffield Victory Van will tour across metro Atlanta and North Georgia today and tomorrow. Follow Maria Sheffield on Twitter and Facebook today and tomorrow for updates and the Maria Sheffield Victory Van Stops.

Maria Sheffield Pick Up Truck Victory Brigade

Be on the lookout the final two days of the Primary for one of the Maria Sheffield Victory Brigade Pick-Up Trucks. These volunteers will be across Georgia with large Maria Sheffield signs in the beds of their trucks serving as rolling victory billboards.

Thank You, Georgia

I am excited that I am within the margin of error for first place in the independent, professional polls in the Insurance Commissioner Primary.

I am humbled to continue to be one of the top two candidates in the GOP race for Insurance Commissioner in terms of actual campaign contributions raised. I am proud that so many Georgians are responding to my positive, solutions-oriented campaign.

Even though we are strong in the polls, the race is close and we can take nothing for granted. Victory is near, but I need your help to get our positive conservative message out to as many voters as possible today and tomorrow?

Will you e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter to vote for me? Will you write to people on your Christmas card, Faith, Civic, and any other lists and ask them to vote for me? Will you call your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers and ask them to vote for me?

Thanks for your prayers and your support!

Maria Sheffield Releases 14 POSITIVE Policy Videos:

Leading the way on policy in this race, Maria Sheffield has released 14 positive, policy videos on a wide range of topics addressing insurance and general government policy issues.

Maria Sheffield is a true Reagan conservative offering positive, policy positions and solutions to the issues facing Georgia. We need an Insurance Commissioner who offers honest, realistic, and professional solutions and Maria Sheffield is doing that!!

Visit to watch all fourteen videos – they are hosted on the home page.

Maria hopes that you will share these videos with your family and friends. Feel free to forward them on!

SWGA Politics Endorses Maria Sheffield

The respected and influential political website SWGA (Southwest Georgia) politics has endorsed Maria. Maria is thankful for this endorsement. Maria appreciates that her stand for the Constitution, Liberty, and Southwest Georgia has been recognized by these key leaders.


This is Rhubarb Jones.
I want you to join me in supporting my good friend Maria Sheffield to be our next Insurance Commissioner.
I support Maria Sheffield for a lot of reasons but mainly because Maria Sheffield will oppose all Obamacare policies: Maria Sheffield will fight the health insurance takeover by Obama.
Maria Sheffield is a Reagan conservative. Maria Sheffield is pro-life, pro gun, pro Fair Tax, pro TEA Party, and pro business.
I am asking you, your family and friends to vote for Maria Sheffield in the Republican Primary on July 20 for Insurance Commissioner.
This is Rhubarb Jones and I am asking you to give my friend Maria Sheffield your prayers and your vote on July 20 in the Republican Primary for Insurance Commissioner.

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Chatham County Sheriff Al St Lawrence Endorses Maria Sheffield

Sheriff Al St Lawrence has endorsed Maria. Maria is the candidate for law enforcement and fire fighters.

From Sheriff St Lawrence:

I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Maria Sheffield – Georgia’s next Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

Gene Key - Immediate past GA State Director of The Fair Tax Endorses Maria. Maria Sheffield - The Fair Tax Candidate

As immediate past Georgia State Director for Americans for Far Taxation - The Fair Tax - I am proud to endorse Maria Sheffield for Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

I support Maria Sheffield for a lot of reasons and one of the most important is because Maria Sheffield will oppose all Obamacare policies: Maria Sheffield will fight the health insurance takeover by Obama.

Maria Sheffield has the most direct experience both in state government and the private sector of any candidate – as a result Maria Sheffield understands the policy involved in a manner the other candidates simply cannot.

Maria Sheffield is a strong advocate and supporter of the Fair Tax. America needs a second Tax Revolution, we need real tax reform, and simply tweaking the Tax Code fixes nothing. As Fair Tax volunteers, our objective is very simple: to secure passage of H.R. 25. Maria Sheffield supports this simple, fair, and transparent Fair Tax Bill that expands freedom. Maria Sheffield understands we must also repeal the 16th Amendment.

The Georgia Fair Tax movement needs elected officials who are proactive supporters of the fair Tax and Maria Sheffield has proven to be true leaders for the Fair Tax.

Obamacare and Insurance

Maria Sheffield’s principal opponent stated, "The insurance commissioner can't do squat about healthcare."
Reporters have called fighting the Obama takeover of healthcare and insurance, “the central issue in the GOP primary” and Maria’s opponent just declared he will do nothing to oppose the Obama healthcare and the takeover of insurance.
Worse, her opponent has declared, “I stand by my statement.”
This outrageous statement has been reported in dozens of newspapers and blogs across Georgia and nationwide. You can bet Obama is hoping her opponent wins so he can introduce socialized healthcare and insurance in Georgia.
Maria Sheffield, a true conservative leader, has promised to use every resource of the Department of Insurance to fight Obamacare in Georgia.

Maria Sheffield thanks you for your prayers, support, and hard work. Thanks to you, Maria was within the margin of error for first place in the independent, professional polls.

For Georgia,

Team Sheffield

P.S. You can also follow and join our network pages here:

Join Maria on

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Visit Maria at


The League of Women Voters Practices Censorship in their “Voter” Guide
Refuse to Allow Candidate’s Freedom of Speech Regarding Obama

In an unacceptable and obscene act of censorship to deflect criticism of President Obama and Obamacare, the Georgia League of Women Voters has demanded Maria Sheffield modify her words regarding her criticism of President Obama and Obamacare. Maria Sheffield was forced to change her answers to be allowed to be included.

“It is beyond comprehension that an organization which purports to be for democracy and free elections would, in any way, censor qualified candidates answers. This smacks of Russia or Cuba. It is an outrage and a travesty of the process of free speech and Liberty,” said Sheffield.

“I am angry that people are so blinded to a political philosophy that they would destroy the credibility of an organization to protect a political issue they care about, this is a sad day in Georgia for freedom of speech,” said Sheffield.

Below are the answers Maria Sheffield originally submitted and what the League of Women Voters censored:

Why are you running for office?

I care about Georgia. Taxpayers need the best insurance options, at reasonable prices, and deserve to be treated fairly and promptly. I care about firefighters, they need a Commissioner who will work with them to investigate arsons and provide service from the state. I care about law enforcement personnel; they need a Commissioner who will work with them on both fraud and arson investigations to resolve cases in an expeditious manner. I care about the victims of natural disasters such as fires, floods, and hurricanes and will get them the relief they need.

How can the commissioner better protect Georgia consumers?

I support expanded resources for our local firefighters so they have the equipment to fight fires and pursue arsonists. I also support giving Sheriffs the resources they need to effectively investigate insurance fraud and arsons. Insurance fraud affects all taxpayers and I will enhance our fraud investigation division to fight this serious crime. I will reduce the size of state government: review all aspects of state government; cut those programs or expenses that are not constitutional and streamline all others - government is not a jobs program. I support free enterprise and small businesses: we don't need unnecessary rules and regulations. I oppose new taxes. I will implement Zero Based budgeting, for too long state agencies have been allowed to use accounting practices that run counter to the best interest of tax-payers. I will oppose all policies that are unconstitutional and seek to take away the ability of Georgian’s to make insurance decisions for themselves.

Should the insurance commissioner take contributions from insurance agents and insurance companies?

Georgia law prevents the Insurance Commissioner from accepting contributions from any entity he or she regulates – I strongly support this law. I support the right of individuals to participate in the process and support the candidate of their choice. I was the first and only candidate to introduce a full ethics statement to better govern the Department of Insurance. I will ban all lobbyist and industry paid meals – we must have transparent government that answers to the taxpayers not the insider lobbyists.

Georgia ranks 8th in the nation in auto insurance premium costs.

Why are we ranked that high and what can be done to lower premiums?

Excess government regulation is one factor. I intend to cut unnecessary government regulations and improve filing processes and procedures so new products can be brought to market quicker. I will work with the industry to encourage more companies to become licensed to do business in Georgia, thereby increasing competition. Other factors are the premium tax and uninsured drivers. I will encourage the Georgia Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement to focus on reducing the number of uninsured drivers in Georgia. I will review all administrative regulations and fees with the intent to eliminate all outdated costs.

Do you think Georgia should comply with a federal request to create a state pool for high-risk insurance plans?

The federal government failed to appropriate enough money to cover the actual costs associated with a high risk pool in Georgia. This means that Georgia taxpayers would be left with a huge unfunded liability. The high risk pools are nothing but a trapdoor by the Obama Administration to raise taxes and sneak socialized medicine and healthcare into Georgia. I will oppose these and I will use all of the constitutionally authority I have to continue to keep insurance regulated at the state level.

What is your recommendation to deal with the uninsured consumers of health facilities?

The appropriate role for this solution is for the free market and Faith charities to take the lead with government supporting them by removing rules and regulations that might hinder their efforts. We should encourage doctors and other health care professionals to donate their time by exploring tax cuts and tax credits based on volunteer time. Georgia must work to create more alternatives to the emergency rooms – the invasion of emergency rooms by people seeking non-emergency care causes costs to skyrocket.

Do you think newly constructed homes should meet minimum safety requirements developed at the state or the county level?

I support the state setting minimum requirements and allowing counties to increase requirements if needed based on local conditions. I support giving authority to local governments when possible and practical. I am concerned about regulations that might add unnecessary costs to consumer purchases and builders without offering tangible benefits. New requirements must have input from local fire enforcement officials.


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