Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why aren't my candidate's press releases being posted on GA Candidates and Election News?

We include EVERY conservative candidate's info if we're receiving it. If we're not, can't share it...

OR, it's negative, an attack on another candidate. We goof on occasion, especially here at the end when the accusations are flying a supersonic speed, but generally we try to avoid the attack stuff. We will, however, include the responses where a candidate takes up for themselves as long as they don't hurl stuff back at the other candidate(s).

Food fights make us all look bad.

Sometimes we make a judgment call on info and post mildly negative things. Yeah, we know, it goes back to the word "judgment". We're not always right, but we try.

The election is July 20th. Vote.

If your candidate doesn't win, please don't go away and sulk. Get behind the conservative winner. What's really important is getting conservatives in office. Yes, we may have to hold our noses as we don't think they're with us on ALL the issues, but look what happened when everyone voted for the Democrat in the Presidential election. His opponent may not have been your cup of tea, but lukewarm tea is better than hot mud (unless you're doing a face or body wrap ;-)

OK, hope we answered your question adequately. Love to include your candidate's info. We include info from conservative candidates, all shapes and forms. Independent, Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian... and sometimes even a lone Democrat. Kinda depends on the race and the opposition.

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