Friday, July 16, 2010

Kira Willis Implores Quick and Decisive Investigation of APS

“No more dragging of the feet.”  

Kira Willis states that the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) needs to “stop dragging its feet and start getting to the bottom of this cheating scandal.” Atlanta Public School System and GOSA have set up a “blue ribbon” investigation of the cheating, nothing has been done, and there are too many people on the committee who have a stake in the process. Willis believes that a thorough and complete investigation must be done by an outside team that has no connections or ties with the APS System.

“Right now we have people whose pockets have been lined investigating one of the largest cheating scandals in Georgia history. We need an outside team that will not benefit one way or the other looking at the testing and interviewing central office staff, principals, assistant principals, and, most importantly, Beverly Hall.” Willis knows that parents, teachers, and community members want answers before the 2010-2011 academic year begins or it will be further delayed. “Brad Bryant should be focusing his energies in this investigation.

“I question who at the top has told principals and assistant principals that if they don’t pass, they will lose their jobs. Meanwhile, Mr. Bryant has done nothing to expedite this investigation. It needs to be looked at thoroughly, completely, and quickly. If there is cheating, then Mr. Bryant must fulfill his responsibilities as State School Superintendent and recommend to the State Board that Beverly Hall be relieved of her duties. There is too much at stake to be wasting time and extending deadlines.”

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