Monday, July 26, 2010

Grassroots Favorite Endorses Ralph Hudgens for Georgia Insurance Commissioner

Statement from Gerry Purcell

For fifteen months, I have traveled throughout Georgia campaigning for the Office of Insurance Commissioner. I have sought to bring innovative, state of the art reform to the healthcare crisis we face in our state and our country. I have fought to give voice to those who are seldom heard in the political process. While our campaign was not victorious at the polls, I am certain that our message of reform was heard and will ultimately come to pass.

While I am no longer a candidate, I intend to remain very active in the political process. The Office of Commissioner of Insurance is a very important one to the people of our state.

Of the remaining candidates, Ralph Hudgens is the one candidate who is prepared to lead this office through the difficult times ahead. I have the utmost respect for him. He is a successful small businessman and leader. While others have been pushing paper, Ralph has created jobs and made payroll, year after year.

His opponent is an Atlanta insurance lawyer/lobbyist who was mentored by and maintains close ties to Commissioner Oxendine. After 16 years, we need a fresh start. Ralph's positive and clean primary campaign further demonstrates he has the ethics, the honesty, and the character that the people of Georgia deserve. Ralph took the high road in the campaign, while his opponent ran a divisive and toxic campaign.

When it comes to leadership, Ralph Hudgens is the candidate who spearheaded legislation to protect the rights of nine million Georgians to make their own health care decisions. That is leadership. You may also remember that Ralph and I are the only two candidates advocating interstate sales of health care to bring more competition and lower costs. Ralph is the leader who will fight for free market competition.

It is without hesitation that I endorse his candidacy for the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner!

Not only do I intend to vote for Ralph Hudgens on August 10th, but also Julianne and I intend to work tirelessly on his behalf in the remaining days of this runoff to ensure that he is elected. We encourage all seventy-two thousand Georgians who supported us on primary Tuesday to do the same!

Thank you and may God richly bless you,
Gerry Purcell


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