Friday, July 16, 2010

Kelly Nguyen Pledges to Refuse Contributions from Banks or Businesses Receiving Bailout or Stimulus Funds

The Primary focus of my campaign from the beginning has been putting our financial house in order. Part of the answer requires us to take a hard look at the Banking Industry and see where they failed and what we might need to do to make sure that never happens again. How can a politician hold accountable an industry like Big Banks when they are accepting campaign contributions from them?

I personally pledge to never accept contributions from any bank that has received tax payer money to rectify the bad business decisions that they made. Those decisions directly impacted thousands of people in the 5th District. Furthermore, I challenge my opponent in the primary, Fenn Little, to make a similar pledge and to immediately return any contributions that he has already received from Bailed Out Banks.

The Republican Party primary election will be held on July 20, 2010. For more information please visit To schedule an interview with Ms. Nguyen, please contact campaign manager Travis Jones at (678) 694-7219.

Committee to Elect Kelly Nguyen
P.O. Box 5703, Atlanta, GA 31107 | Tel: (678) 694-7219 |


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