Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eric Johnson: What Roy Doesn't Want You To Know

It’s tough out there right now. Families and businesses across the state are fighting to make ends meet. And what does Roy Barnes think we should do? Raise taxes!

Our state constitution requires us to pass a balanced budget. Luckily, unlike the folks in Washington, government in Georgia can’t run-up massive deficits. Roy’s promises so far total more than $2 billion. The only way he can pay for that is higher taxes. And the scariest thing of all is that he’s just getting started!

Like you, I know that we can best jumpstart our economy by getting government off the backs and out of the pockets of families and businesses. I’ve laid out a commonsense plan for tax relief. In a Johnson administration, we will:

· Reward small businesses that hire new employees with tax credits.

· Eliminate the sales tax on energy used in manufacturing so we can compete in the global economy.

· Give our tax code a comprehensive, top to bottom review to make it broader, lower, simpler, and fairer.

· Make it harder for the legislature to ever raise your taxes again by passing a constitutional amendment requiring a 2/3 super majority for any tax increases.

And Roy? He’s out there promising anybody that will listen everything under the sun. We all know exactly how he’s going to pay for it- job killing higher taxes. While he might try to hide it, there are no talking points slick enough to cover up the truth. He might not believe it, but voters are smart enough to figure it out.

This November, Georgians will face a clear choice- do they want to support us and our proven, tax-cutting plan to put Georgia back to work or are they going to go with Georgia’s slickest trial lawyer.

That’s just the fight we want to have and a fight I know we’ll win.

Thanks for all you’re doing to make it happen. Let’s put Georgia back to work together!

Yours for a better Georgia,

Eric Johnson

PS In case you missed it, be sure and check out our latest ad that talks about my proven record of cutting taxes and my plans to continue that fight by clicking here. And Roy Barnes? Well, you can see the facts behind his promises here.
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