Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jody Hice, Candidate for Congress, 7th District Update

Thank you for your support in the primary yesterday!

I am grateful for the enthusiastic support of over 20,000 voters that propelled me into a strong second place finish.

Now our campaign “to take America back” continues toward the run-off on August 10th. We are in a great position to win this election! But it will take a lot of prayer, energy, hard work, and money to be successful.

During the campaign I’ve been bold in my stand against the radical, left-wing policies of President Obama. I am outspoken because this is no time for timid, weak leadership.

The political left is not timid. With President Obama in the lead, they are aggressively pursuing a strategy of “change” that is bad for America! Obama’s policies threaten our freedom and our economy, and, therefore, the future of our country.

I respect the office of the presidency. But I do not respect the policies of this president!

Please stand with me as I stand up for the Constitution, freedom, the Free Enterprise system, and our conservative values. Please help me stop the Obama-Pelosi Express to Socialism.

I will fight for the FairTax and for immediate comprehensive tax reductions. This is the real way to stimulate our economy and create new jobs. We must get Americans back to work.

I will fight to de-fund and Repeal ObamaCare. We must not allow the Left to destroy the quality of healthcare for our citizens.

In order for me to fight for you in Congress, I MUST HAVE YOUR HELP TODAY. Elections are very expensive endeavors. It takes a lot of money to communicate effectively with voters.

The Run-off will be here in just three weeks so the time to raise the DOLLARS NEEDED is very compressed. That’s why I am calling on you to please make your most generous contribution right away!

I not a veteran political operative with the support of career politicians and special interest groups. I am depending upon the financial help of people who believe we must “take America back.”

Time is critical. The need is real. Please contribute now.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

For America,

Dr. Jody Hice
Candidate for Congress
Georgia's 7th District


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