Thursday, July 22, 2010

Message from David Belle Isle re: Election

To all who supported us, to all who donated their time and sweat, to all who opened up their homes, to all who knocked on doors, to all who called strangers on our behalf, to all who donated their dollars, to all who fought to advance a conservative system, to all who punched the machine for Belle Isle last Tuesday: Thank you.

As you may know by now our message won in Alpharetta and Johns Creek, but we fell short in Roswell and Sandy Springs. But take heart, all authority is chosen by God, often for a plan we cannot comprehend.

Our race is now over, but our cause is not. We will continue to fight to advance a conservative system for the purpose of continuing and increasing American and Georgian exceptionalism. We hope you'll continue with us in this crucial and ongoing endeavor.

Your support, your hard work, your faith in our cause has brought upon me a multitude of debts owed to all of you, large and small. I will not forget them.

My greatest debt of gratitude goes to my wife Candice. She is an incredible woman and my very best friend. She stood by my side faithfully and lovingly amidst the most grueling of schedules. She picked up the slack at home so I could fight for a cause, a cause we all share.

I must also give special thanks to Rhonda Wilson, our campaign manager. She worked tirelessly and sacrificed much, working nearly full time on our campaign. She is a tireless advocate for freedom and liberty.

Thank you also to John Monson, a quality man, and an incredible friend. Not many friends will gladly forfeit a night's sleep at a moment's notice upon a friend's call. John is such a friend.

I cannot forget to mention Clint Austin, our consultant. He believed in us when we needed it most and moved greatly beyond the call of duty. Our prayers are now with him and his family as he goes to serve his Country in a year-long overseas deployment in the Navy Reserve.

There are so many others (many of which I have probably left off, forgive me): Dottie and Vic Delisle, Lori and Ron Wexler, Mike and Sharon Lowry, Mike Lotshaw, Joel and Kathleen Canada, Bonnie Steadman, Lee and Linda Butts, Roger Blackwell, Jim Styles, Mike Crawford, Nancy Bristol, Marjean Birt, Carol Williams, Rick Dreger, Chris Cupit, Todd Scnick, Jack and Kathy Lee, Cameron Smith, Will Cooper, Thomas Buscemi, Skip Grey, Nona and Don Shawhan, Tricia Pridemore, Brad Raffensperger, Phil Kingry, Kirk and Ken Driskell, David Molson, Rodger Daniel, Bill Dewrell, Julie Cooper, Dave Falnnery, Tommy Arey, Holly Palmer, Andy Christiansen, Fergal Brady, and so many of my friends in the Alpharetta and Roswell Rotary Clubs, my small group, and the 912 project.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our cause is just. We still know that a free society with a limited and fiscally responsible government has produced more freedom, more opportunity, more prosperity and more jobs for more people than any other system on the face of the earth. And, we still know that our future success as a state and as a nation, will depend upon the degree to which we adhere to this system.

God bless America, God bless Georgia, God bless Senate District 56, God bless all of you and God Bless Milton County!

David Belle Isle


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