Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recent Endorsements of Wayne Hill, State House Candidate, Gwinnett

Endorsement from DOT Chairman Rudy Bowen

“There is no better choice for State House than Wayne Hill,” said DOT Chairman Rudy Bowen. “Gwinnett needs a voice on transportation issues that will find innovative and workable solutions. After years of working with Wayne, I know he’s the best choice.”

Endorsement from Sugar Hill City Councilman Steve Edwards

“Wayne Hill knows the projects and the initiatives we need to complete to match the high standards of our residents,” said Steve Edwards of the Sugar Hill City Council. “In the State House, we will be able to work with Wayne to partner and complete these much-needed plans. We can only accomplish much if our locally elected leaders know how to work for us, and Wayne Hill knows exactly how to best serve Sugar Hill.”

Endorsement from Suwanee City Councilman Kevin McOmber

“Citizens of Suwanee know that Wayne Hill is dedicated to our hometown like no other, and he is a hard-working person we rely on to get things done,” said City Councilman Kevin McOmber of Suwanee. “We can trust Wayne to work for us and to do more than anyone to bring us our fair share of state support. Times are tight, and having Wayne’s leadership in place will give Suwanee a distinct advantage.”

Endorsement from Suwanee City Councilman Jace Brooks

“Suwanee is Wayne Hill’s home, and we could have no better neighbor standing up for us in the state House,” said Jace Brooks of the Suwanee City Council. “With Wayne as our Representative, we can rest assured that we will have a tough advocate seeking to advance our quality of life.”

Buford Commissioner Phillip Beard Endorses Wayne Hill

"Wayne has always shown a strong commitment to independent, local leadership," said City of Buford Commissioner Phillip Beard. "He is a good friend to the City of Buford, and Wayne will be an even more invaluable partner as our next State Representative."

Endorsement from Gwinnett County Association of Educators

The Gwinnett County Association of Educators endorses Wayne Hill for election to House District 98. Mr. Hill's support of public education and leadership in critical issues such as funding, water resources, and economic development will give Gwinnett County a strong and knowledgeable voice at the state capitol.

Endorsement from Gwinnett Solicitor Rosanna Szabo

"Wayne Hill understands what law enforcement needs," said Gwinnett Solicitor Rosanna Szabo. "The issues involved in running the justice system are complex, and I know we will be best served with Wayne at the Capitol to oversee these matters."

Endorsement from State Senator Renee Unterman

"Wayne has always provided a clear direction in his leadership and his service for Gwinnett County, and North Gwinnett needs his dedication in the State House," said Republican State Senator Renee Unterman. "Wayne will be the conservative leader we need and the Gwinnett-focused representative we can trust. He would be a tremendous asset to us all, and that is why I am supporting Wayne Hill for State House."

Endorsement from Mayor Dave Williams

"As Mayor, I am looking to Wayne Hill for determined and conservative leadership that puts North Gwinnett first on every issue," said Suwanee Mayor Dave Williams. "Wayne Hill has a life-long commitment to our area that is unmatched. He is the most qualified candidate to propel our interests to the front of the line with every issue, including state funding and budget matters. Suwanee can depend on Wayne Hill's leadership as our next Representative."

Endorsement from Sheriff Butch Conway

"I've known and worked with Wayne Hill for years," said Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway. "I can think of no one better to represent us down at the State Capitol. We need someone who is ready on day one to look out for our interests."


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