Thursday, July 8, 2010

Maria Sheffield, Candidate for Insurance Commissioner - Update

A Great July 4th Weekend - Momentum For Victory

Team Sheffield had a great July 4th Weekend. We covered 28 events in 19 counties, spanning 8 Congressional Districts. I am thankful to all who gave their time. With your prayers and support we will win as a team!

Maria Sheffield Releases 14 POSITIVE Policy Videos:

Leading the way on policy in this race, Maria Sheffield has released 14 positive, policy videos on a wide range of topics addressing insurance and general government policy issues.

Maria Sheffield is a true Reagan conservative offering positive, policy positions and solutions to the issues facing Georgia. We need an Insurance Commissioner who offers honest, realistic, and professional solutions and Maria Sheffield is doing that!!

Visit to watch all fourteen videos – they are hosted on the home page.

Maria hopes that you will share these videos with your family and friends. Feel free to forward them on!

Maria Sheffield - The Fair Tax Candidate

Maria Sheffield - The Fair Tax Candidate. Maria Sheffield is a strong advocate and supporter of the Fair Tax. America needs a second Tax Revolution, we need real tax reform, and simply tweaking the Tax Code fixes nothing. As Fair Tax volunteers, our objective is very simple: to secure passage of H.R. 25. Maria Sheffield supports this simple, fair, and transparent Fair Tax Bill that expands freedom. Maria Sheffield understands we must also repeal the 16th Amendment.

Obamacare and Insurance

Maria Sheffield’s principal opponent stated, "The insurance commissioner can't do squat about healthcare."

Reporters have called fighting the Obama takeover of healthcare and insurance, “the central issue in the GOP primary” and Maria’s opponent just declared he will do nothing to oppose the Obama healthcare and the takeover of insurance.

Worse, her opponent has declared, “I stand by my statement.”

This outrageous statement has been reported in dozens of newspapers and blogs across Georgia and nationwide. You can bet Obama is hoping her opponent wins so he can introduce socialized healthcare and insurance in Georgia.

Maria Sheffield, a true conservative leader, has promised to use every resource of the Department of Insurance to fight Obamacare in Georgia.

Maria Sheffield Yard Signs Are HERE!

Get yours today!

To get your Maria Sheffield yard signs, click here!

You can also email or call 678-685-1112.


Maria Sheffield thanks you for your prayers, support, and hard work. Thanks to you, Maria was within the margin of error for first place in the independent, professional polls.

For Georgia,

Team Sheffield

Visit Maria at


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