Friday, July 16, 2010

David Belle Isle endorsed by conservative Republican Liberty Caucus and Can-Do Conservatives of America

David Belle Isle landed two major endorsements this week. Belle Isle was endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus and the Can-Do Conservatives of America.

The Republican Liberty Caucus is a national organization charted to promote individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise within the Republican Party.

The Can-Do Conservatives of America is a grassroots organization with the mission of giving the disabled a voice in Conservatism. Their motto is "A hand up, not a hand out!"

"I am honored by the Republican Liberty Caucus and Can-Do Conservatives of America endorsements, because it verifies the main message of our campaign: we need leaders who don't just talk conservative at election time - we need leaders who have a proven record of reviving and advancing the conservative principles that the Republican Party was built on. These endorsements show that I am that candidate," said Belle Isle.

David has also been endorsed by:
9.12 Project Action Network, Georgia
Georgia Right to Live
and so many more just like you!

For too long, Georgia's Republican majority has NOT been a conservative majority.It's time we elected proven conservatives to our Legislature, leaders who have proven time and again that they will stand on principle and not bow to the urgency of the moment or the peddling of the powerful.

That's why our campaign will be about fiscal responsibility, local control, and smart conservative solutions.

Our top four priorities will be:

(1). Cut spending. We must not spend more than we take in and we must stop the use "stimulus" dollars to balance our budget;

(2). Stop providing free education for illegal immigrants by requiring strict verification of legal residence in order to receive a public education (this will put $1.37 billion per year back into our State budget);

3). Fight for Milton County. The power of government should be held as close to the people as possible. Milton County would give YOU more influence over your taxes, your child's education, and your local economy; and

4). Reform DOT by requiring the public election of its members and the spending of our traffic dollars where they were taxed; and David Belle Isle serves on Alpharetta's City Council where he is North Fulton's most passionately conservative voice and a regional leader in principled conservatism.

He has fought to reject federal "stimulus" dollars, freeze property tax assessments, cut budgets, and bring multiple tax cuts to homeowners
. Even now, he is fighting to implement zero-based budgeting for greater transparency in the budget process.

A businessman and a real estate attorney, David runs Belle Isle Law Group. Like many small business owners, David labors to grow his business and meet a payroll. David has practiced law for over a decade and brings a practical legal expertise to his public service.
If this is your passion too, please help us reach our goal and donate to our campaign. The gift limit is $2,400 per person or company, but all contribution levels are welcome! Checks should be made payable to "Belle Isle For Senate" and mailed to:

178 South Main Street
Alpharetta, GA 30009

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