Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sam Olens Disapproves Federal Judge's Ruling on Arizona Immigration Law

Regarding the federal judge's decision on Wednesday to block the contested provisions of Arizona's new immigration law one day before they were to take effect, Sam Olens, Republican candidate for AG, said the following.

"If elected Attorney General, I will work with the legislature to approve a strong illegal immigration bill that will strengthen our rights to enforce federal laws within our state. Arizona has taken a leadership role for the rest of the states. I will join their battle, and those of the other 17 states who have introduced similar bills."

Sam Olens was the first County Chairman in Georgia to work with his Sheriff to implement 287(g), a federal program whereby illegal aliens are held until they can be transferred into federal custody.

Since, the program has become a model statewide and has been adopted by five other local governments.

"It is outrageous that our federal government is not enforcing our nation's laws regarding our estimated 12 million illegal immigrants and securing the border. The battle will rest in the hands of our state's governors and attorneys generals. I vow to represent Georgians and enforce the rule of law." said Olens.


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