Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maria Sheffield - Positive Policy: Transforming Management at the Department of Insurance

I care about Georgia and I am committed to transforming the management of the Department of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. Georgia is the largest state, land-wise, east of the Mississippi River. While we do face real budgetary restraints, I feel that we need to respect the majority of Georgians who live outside of Atlanta.

A Georgia taxpayer should not have to go to Atlanta to get routine help from their state government. Accordingly, I will work within the existing authorized budget to implement new management practices, utilization of resources and manpower, and use modern 21st Century technology (already used in the private sector) to bring state government to the taxpayers.

As Commissioner, I will schedule office hours in appropriate government offices across Georgia so I may be of personal service and directly available to Georgia's citizens. I will work with County Commissioners and Mayors to use their office space so Georgians can visit personally with me in their local community. I feel strongly that taxpayers will respond in a positive manner to having their public servants work together to have more local access to the Commissioner of Insurance.

Georgia must have forward thinking leaders who are committed to innovative and modern policies for the management of the state budget and state government. By personally getting out of the Department's Atlanta office and going to our great communities across Georgia, individuals and small business owners will save time and money and we will make state government more accessible.

For Georgia,
Maria Sheffield
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