Friday, July 9, 2010

Handel Rolls Out First TV Ad

Contrasts Her Experiences With Those of her Ethically "Iffy" Opponents
Former Secretary of State and candidate for Governor Karen Handel’s campaign today released its first television ad.

"Lipstick," highlights Karen’s story of overcoming challenges, rising from difficult beginnings to working at the White House, and being a champion for ethical leadership and reform. Karen’s life-story is contrasted with her ethically challenged, career-politician opponents.

The ad will run in the Atlanta media market starting on Monday.

Karen’s campaign launched a contest for supporters in conjunction with the ad to identify the female voice that narrates it. For details click here.

It can be viewed here.


Campaign update:

Today we're releasing out first television ad and you can see it by following the link below.

Our momentum is growing by the minute. Georgians are clearly responding to Karen's message of leadership and reform. The latest polls show us tied for first place and we're poised to finish strong in the remaining days.

But, there's still a lot of work to do and we need your help.

There are three things you can do -- today -- to help push us to victory.

1. Forward this email and television ad to your friends, family and colleagues to show them why you are supporting Karen.

2. Post the link for this ad on Facebook and share it on Twitter.

3. Help us buy more television advertising time by making a contribution to the campaign today.

We are placing our buy now to air this ad next week for a strong close. If you like, make a donation of $250, $125, $100, or any amount you can afford will help us. By banding together with other supporters you really can make a difference. If you and 9 others contribute $100 today we'll be able to place another ad on the local 6:00 news.

We have nearly 4,000 contributors to this campaign... if we can count on you to just give a little bit more to help pay for our ads, we'll be able to compete with the other guys on TV during these critical final days.

The momentum is clearly on our side as we enter these final days. If we keep it up Karen is going to win. Make a donation today, and this ad will blanket the airways next week. I hope we can count on you one more time.

Karen Handel for Governor


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